Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Hurricane Ike Underscores the Importance of an Effective Water Purification Process

I'm shocked.  I was listening to a radiocommunication news narrative about the wake of Hurricane Eisenhower in the South Lone-Star State area.  Inch an attempt to supply local citizens with clean imbibing water, a spokesman was saying that they were adding more than than Cl to their H2O purification process.  While you can anticipate Cl to kill bacterial contaminations that have got fouled the H2O system owed to the hurricane, Cl cannot be counted on to take man-made chemical contaminations that were probably also deposited in the water.  Chlorine is a disinfectant.  It is not a filter.  When you explicate H2O purification, that differentiation must be made! 


With the landscape of southern Lone-Star State dotted with numerous oil refineries it only do sense that people would be alarmed about the possibility of their H2O being contaminated by refinery chemicals.  Add to that the possible taint by all types of waste material (industrial, medical, etc.) and it goes evident that adding more Cl to a chlorine-based H2O purification procedure have the possible for making a unsafe state of affairs even worse.  While it may be able to forestall water-borne diseases like typhoid fever and Asiatic cholera from erupting, Cl have serious drawbacks that are going to be magnified with increased doses in the water.   

Chlorine leachings heavy metals, like lead, as it fluxes through the ageing plumbing system systems of many homes. Lead is toxicant to humans.  Thomas More Cl can only increase the leaching.

Chlorine also makes trichloromethane gas in the vapour of a bathroom shower.  And who cognizes what sort of unsafe chemical reactions increased degrees of Cl will have got got with any of the contaminations that have been introduced into the H2O as a consequence of Hurricane Ike.  

If you explicate H2O purification based on disinfection, then Cl is probably going to do up a big portion of that explanation. 


It is evident that a H2O purification procedure that is based on filtration, rather than disinfection, is going to have got to be utilized if people desire to guarantee that the H2O they drink, cook and bathe in is completely safe.   

When you explicate H2O purification based on filtration, respective commonly-used systems immediately come up to mind. 

Reverse osmosis is a popular system that usages filtration, but usually necessitates the improver of a C filter to do certain that contaminations that are little adequate to do it through the contrary osmosis membrane are caught.  This H2O purfication procedure is expensive and necessitates a batch of upkeep.  People dealing with the dearly-won devastation of a hurricane may happen that a contrary osmosis system is not feasible. 

Distillation is another potentially expensive H2O purification process.  It, too, necessitates the improver of a C filter in order to catch all the contaminations that distillment is not able to remove.  Ongoing care is another demand of distillation. The C filters must be changed frequently owed to uninterrupted construct up of potentially noxious bacteria. 

Multi-stage filtration is a H2O purification procedure that is gaining in popularity with place owners.  Inch place multi-stage filtration systems get by reducing the most concentrated and competitory chemical in the water: chlorine.  With Cl out of the way, the filters are better able to turn up and take hard contaminations like Pb and man-made chemicals.  The micrometer filter used in these systems then travels to work on reducing chlorine-resistant organisms and cysts.   

To explicate H2O purification based on multi-stage filtration intends pointing out that this method of H2O treatment effectively integrates both disinfection and filtration.  These systems present purified H2O through kitchen faucets, showers and whole house filters. Multi-stage filtration systems have got got been establish to be easy on the billfold and easy on maintenance. 

You don't have to be the victim of a hurricane to understand the importance of an effectual H2O purification process.  The demand for clean H2O is an issue faced by all families.  Locating the best H2O treatment method for your household is as simple apprehension how these methods work and which is best suited to the demands of your household.  I've attempted to explicate H2O purification so that your determination will be easier.

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