Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What You Can Accomplish When Your Mentor is Rembrandt Van Rijn

One of the most extraordinary pictures in the human race is the Aristotle with a Flop of Homer, a chef-d'oeuvre of Dutch painter Rembrandt Avant Garde Rijn Van Rijn. I have got got met people who have crossed two continents and a huge ocean to get in New House Of York City to see this unbelievable work of fine fine art exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

One of the grounds that brands this work of art so singular is the narrative behind the painting: a affluent Sicilian, fan of Rembrandt, commissioned the piece with the lone proviso that Rembrandt Van Rijn Van Rijn would paint for him a philosopher. It was a clip of fiscal adversity for Rembrandt Van Rijn Van Rijn and his Sicilian protagonist paid for the picture eight modern times more than what he could have got paid an Italian creative person for the same type of painting.

Rembrandt chose the great philosopher Aristotle as the topic of his painting. Aristotle rests his manus on a flop of the great poet Homer and is seen in the picture wearing a concatenation with a medallion bearing the mental image of Alexander, a adherent of Aristotle. Three great work force painted by a great master. The turn to the narrative is that Rembrandt Van Rijn paints an fanciful Aristotle, a topic that is painted directly from his imagination, bearing no resemblance to the classical figure. The consequence is a picture that have survived history, a true masterpiece.

But here come ups the point of this story. Old Age earlier, Rembrandt Van Rijn began a form of ego find that resulted in a profound metamorphosis. He deliberately left the circle of the reigning taste sensation and becoming apathetic towards what was in fashion, he rejected the thought of pleasing everybody else. Rembrandt Van Rijn followed his ain vision not protective if he would be liked or not. He was unpopular with many but his alone endowment and the love for his work immortalized him.

Few people cognize that Rembrandt Van Rijn never left the Netherlands, his homeland. Such a cosmopolitan figure lived his full life in a bantam state not even travelling to City Of Light or Roma as almost every creative person did. Saint Christopher White Person in his life of Rembrandt Van Rijn Van Rijn beautifully composes in the last lines of the book that though the work of Rembrandt was created in one clip and one place, it is cosmopolitan and eternal.

When I stand up up in presence of the picture of Aristotle with a flop of Homer, I stand before a grouping of mentors. Aristotle, Homer and Alexander, are three great work force that have got the ability to learn you anything from human psychological science to poesy and politics. Then Rembrandt, the great Maestro who is completely alive in his work. If you listen to him carefully you will walk away knowing that you are capable of achieving anything in your life.

Some people will state you that they cannot win because they have got never left the little town where they were born. Others will state you that they cannot win because they are very different and not well understood. Others will state you that they make not have got the money to be able to dedicate to what they love the most. While others will state you that they are too old, too lonely, too undignified to transcend life and unrecorded forever.

When you have got a wise man like Rembrandt Avant Garde Rijn Van Rijn you larn that all it takes is to follow the vision of your heart. Your bosom cognizes exactly what you need; it is filled with the powerfulness to transcend any boundaries, any fashions and any limitations. This is the secret of immortality.