Thursday, October 25, 2007

Live It Forward - Top Ten Success Principles

Ready to dwell it forward in the most of import functions of your life? Here are my top 10 principles...follow these and you will happen real number success!


Dream dreamings that are alone to you, then construct your life around those dreams!

"The greater danger for most of us is not that our purpose is too high and we lose it, but that it is too low and we attain it." -- Michelangelo


People who persistently prosecute personal excellence have got a enormous advantage in life. Therefore...learn, grow, stretch, and never halt improving!

"If I am through learning, I am through." -- Toilet Wooden


Make a witting attempt to environ yourself with optimistic, proactive, inspiring, uplifting people. As Jim Rohn says, "You are the norm of the five people you pass the most clip with."

"Pay any terms to remain in the presence of extraordinary people." -- Microphone Murdock

4. pat INTO YOUR passions AND TALENTS:

People who are passionate about life and enthusiastic about their work leap out of bed in the morning! They dwell purposefully, are energetic and enthusiastic, and acquire busy doing what they were born to do. What's more, if you have got tapped into your passionatenesses and talents, you are already successful!

"Figure out what you love to do as immature as you can, and then form your life around figuring out how to make a life at it." -- Pat Williams

5. practice THE fine art OF saying "NO":

Be wise in what you state "yes" to because saying "yes" to one thing intends saying "no" to something else.

"Good is the enemy of great." -- Jim Collins


Successful people understand that failure is a critical portion of the acquisition process. As Jack Canfield says, "Simply acquire started, do mistakes, listen to the feedback, correct, and maintain moving forward towards the goal."

"No adult male ever became great or good except through many and great mistakes." -- William E. Gladstone

7. return 100% RESPONSIBILITY:

Again, to paraphrasis Jack Canfield, "To undergo ultimate success, you have got to give up all blaming, complaining, and alibis and take 100% duty for your life."

"You must take personal responsibility. You cannot alteration the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself." -- Jim Rohn

8. return ACTION:

The human race wages action!

"Things may come up to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." -- Abraham Lincoln


Alan Greenspan said, "The figure 1 job in today's coevals and economic system is the deficiency of fiscal literacy."

"Compound involvement is the 8th natural wonderment of the human race and the most powerful thing I have got ever encountered." -- Prince Albert Einstein

10. mental attitude IS EVERYTHING:

Nothing is more than of import than attitude. Be optimistic, grateful, and expectant!

"I am convinced that life is 10 percentage what haps to me and 90 percentage how I respond to it." -- Prince Charles Swindoll

Monday, October 22, 2007

6 Key Habits Of Successful People - Don't Chase Success - Attract it

Everybody in life endeavors for one thing: Success. There are many people who daydream of making money, but few actually make up one's mind to make it. The chief grounds for failure are: the failure to work smart; the deficiency of persistence; the complete deficiency of a consistent plan. There isn't a single expression for success, however, there are things you can make to rise your opportunities of becoming successful.

Find your Personal Definition of Success

If you are trying to go successful, it is highly of import that you define success for yourself. What is your personal definition of success? Are it the ability to dwell life the manner you want? The ability to assist those who are financially in debt? Preventing finances from affecting your relationships? Whatever your grounds is, you will have got to state yourself exactly what success is, and develop a program to attain that ultimate goal.

Develop a Stopping Point Relationship with God

Whatever your beliefs are in the supernatural, it is of import that you develop a stopping point human relationship with your God. Find your ain personally fold human human relationship with your God, and allow that relationship Pb you to do the right determinations in your life. By developing a stopping point human relationship with your God, you will develop an unbelievable workplace environment and ultimately accomplish success.

The Greatest Ideas come up During Leisure Times

Remember not to fight when you are trying to happen that one unbelievable idea. In order to happen that great idea, you will have got to begin working on yourself. You will have got to steadily work yourself to go aware of more than thoughts and demands that are in society. You will have got to be extremely aware and patient for that thought to come up to you. Most of the top thoughts in history have got came during leisure time or during non-work activities. Everybody have got got an unbelievable thought inside of them, however, you will have to begin by improving yourself, your creativity, and awareness.

Don't Work Hard, Work Smart

You have to retrieve to do your money work difficult for you, instead of working difficult for your money. Working smart is completely different than working hard. Of course of study you will eventually have got to work hard, but it should be in attempts to do your smart program come up into fruition. By learning from the best, you will ultimately develop wonts of the successful. By working smart, you can do much more than money with less effort.

Make Your Money Work Hard For You

Making your money work difficult for you can be confusing when you hear it for the first time? What makes it mean? How makes it work? It's quite simple actually; when a husbandman works their harvests in a bad agribusiness environment, they will not harvest any benefits. However, if a husbandman were to works his harvests where the dirt is very fertile and ideal for farming, he will harvest the benefits. His works will boom throughout the land, and he will easily utilize the tools that his money bought to crop and sell them to buyers.

Don't Re-Invent the Wheel

Remember, when it come ups to business, one of the worst things anybody can make is re-inventing the wheel. It is of import to larn and detect from the best. By doing this you will ultimately accomplish success. Remember that you are not supposed to re-invent the wheel, but rather do it better. By determination flaws or things that tin be done better in a system that already works, you will do a great trade of money, and accomplish the success that you daydream of.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

There's a Better Way? Who Cares!

I've recently been asked by my manager and respective coaching job clients the question: "What could person have got said to you when you were working 80+ hr weeks, and enjoying every minute of them, to convert you that there was a manner to dwell a more than balanced life?"
To reply this question, I've had to take a promenade down memory lane. I don't conceal my past. It's separate of me, and Iodine gladly share it with anyone who might associate to the way I traveled to go the family-always-comes-first, home-office solopreneur that I am today.

If you'll indulge me, I'll share my little narrative of determination balance in my life.

I instantly turned into a materialist right out of college, when I packed my 1978 Honda Civic with my worldly property and drove from Tampa to Windy City in hunt of a occupation at the Windy City Board Options Exchange, the purest bastion of capitalist economy I had ever witnessed.

I landed a occupation as a Runner, literally running order tickets from desks on the trading floor's margin to the "pits" where agents and bargainers transacted concern in what was termed the "open-outcry market." To an foreigner it looks to be absolute chaos, but it was pure Heaven to me. I proceeded to throw myself into my work and, before I took the clip to see what was happening, I had turned into a captive of success. As the shade of Francois Jacob Robert Nesta Marley said in Prince Charles Dickens' Type A Christmastide Carol: "I have on the concatenation I forged in life. I made it associate by link, and pace by yard; I girded it on of my ain free will, and of my ain free volition I wore it." That concatenation was forged from the very beginning in my workings life.

That first occupation led my to a couple of concern partners, both of whom shared my desire to begin our ain trading firm. We did so, and proceeded to go financially successful beyond our wildest dreams. By the clip I was 30 old age old, I was on top of the world. I had everything I ever wanted (so I thought). But that wasn't enough. Instead of reveling in the joyousness of a life in balance, I had bought into a seemingly impossible authorization - a grim thrust to acquire additional in life at almost any cost.

At the age of 32, instead of recognizing that I had go an absentee hubby and father because of all the hours I was working trading and managing the house that had grown to over 150 people, my spouses and I decided to sell ourselves to a planetary investing depository financial institution so that we could acquire larger and do more than money. This meant that I'd commute from Windy City to New House Of York every Lord'S Day and tax return place to my household late Friday eventide very much resembling a Zombi - not knowing exactly where I was, and not being able to give anything of myself because my head was always on work.

After two old age of pure Hell - physical, mental, and emotional - I had had enough. Thankfully, I had an chance to free myself of my employment contract and I got out, barely escaping alive. My married woman and I packed up our children and headed for a quieter life in southeasterly Wisconsin, where I began to prosecute a more than gratifying and rewarding life.

My children were immature then, but I truly regretted the clip I had lost and knew that I could never recapture. I've since devoted myself to doing what is most of import to me - disbursement clip with my family. I've seen my children turn up. I've had breakfast with them before school and greeted them after. We've had dinners as a household and enjoyed supporting one another as each pursued their interests, whether they were sports, music, theater, or friends.

So, what's my reply to the question: "What could person have got said to you to convert you that there was a manner to dwell a more than balanced life?" My reply is "Absolutely nothing." I was on top of the world. I didn't necessitate anything or anybody, allow alone any advice. I wasn't looking for life balance. The term wasn't even a portion of my vocabulary. It didn't work when my married woman suggested to me that I was living an insane life. Why would I listen to person else?

So how did person like me come up to cognize that there was a better manner to live? I had to experience the hurting - existent pain. I had to halt running around with winkers on and think, and I intend really consider, what was going on in my life. Iodine needed to make the heavy lifting and inquire myself: "Am I Truly Happy? Are This What I Want?" Once I did that, there was no manner that I could reply in any other manner but "NO!"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happiness or Fulfillment?

We often hear person state they're "happy and fulfilled" at a new job, with a new life situation, even as a new parent. And they surely are, or believe themselves to be, happy and fulfilled.

But I inquire sometimes what we intend by these terms.

Let's start with happy. Most people utilize the word "happy" to intend that nil in their lives is making them "unhappy." Their lives are pleasurable. They have got what they want, they like their lives, and they are, in a word, content. That's great, really. Happiness is something we'd all like to have, and which we all endeavor for. It's also very elusive, because the pleasance which is the root of what we name "happiness" is usually transitory.

Let's expression at Sarah for a moment. Sarah have just purchased a new auto and is very happy. She loves her job, have a good human relationship with her husband, and lives in a nice home. She is happy.

But what if a violent storm come ups along, takes out the roof on the house - and driblets it on Sarah's car? She's not going to be very happy, especially when her hubby acquires not just huffy but spectacularly angry because if Sarah had parked the new auto in the garage as he requested, the roof wouldn't have got landed on it. Now Sarah have gone from happy to unhappy, but opportunities are that state will change, probably very soon, because felicity is a ephemeral state, in the sense that most people utilize the word.

Let's expression at Sarah's job, though. She states she is very personally fulfilled by her job. Sarah is a societal worker, and primary therapist, at a state-run place for mentally challenged children who necessitate round-the-clock care and whose parents were just not able to raise them at home.

Sarah's occupation is to do certain that these children stay as emotionally healthy as possible, considering their circumstances. This often affects trying to pass on with children who can pass on only at a very "young" level. When Sarah first took the job, she was overwhelmed by the demands and dependence of the children.

Now she experiences there is nil in the human race she would rather do. She had considered going into private counseling, and at one point enrolled in a Ph.D. program, but later decided to remain with her current job. She could do much more than money elsewhere, but she believes she have something to offer these children, and she remains because it is "a fulfilling job." While this occupation makes not necessarily do Sarah happy, in the sense of always being pleasurable, on a long-term basis being a societal worker gives Sarah a deeper sense of having done something worthwhile and made a difference.

Happiness is good. You won't ever hear me reason that people should not endeavor to be happy. What you will hear me state is that we should acknowledge the difference, as our fanciful Sarah does, between felicity and fulfillment. Sarah cognizes the auto is not gong to carry through her deep demands to do a difference, but she loves to drive it. She also cognizes there will be years when she go forths work exhausted and even unhappy, but in the long run, she acquires more than out of her work than she sets in, and she's fulfilled.

Happiness and fulfilment both have got a topographic point in our lives, but they necessitate to be balanced.

To happen that balance in your ain life:

• Spend some clip thought about what would really carry through you and make you experience you are living toward a purpose.

• If you are not currently being fulfilled in your work and life, believe about alterations you could do that would assist you experience fulfilled.

• Give yourself a "happiness lift" every hebdomad - do something you enjoy, or pass clip with person who do you experience happy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Create Healthy and Wealthy Lives With Intuition and Determination

As I was rummaging through my up-to-the-minute emails, I came across an inspirational quote, "A substance of success is often not a substance of endowment but a substance of tenacity." Let's believe about that sentence for a few very true this is. Inch reality, we can accomplish and apparent wellness and wealthiness prosperity by applying this simple sentence to much of what we think and do. Practicing to go your ain intuitive expert takes dedication and tenacity, and when we perpetrate ourselves to raising ourselves a degree above the bar, we can accomplish most anything.

We all have got our dreams, ideals and doctrines of a Higher Power, but did you cognize that you possess that Beginning within you? Ever heard the expression that "all things are possible through God?" Supreme Being is the perfect Godhead intuitive expert that dwells within us all. This is what gives us the innate expertness to apparent wealthiness and happiness. What wealthiness is that, you ask? That depends on the oculus of the beholder. As an intuitive expert, you get to blossom the many possibilities that be within arm's reach. Perhaps increasing wealthiness to you intends having a loving relationship, a better calling opportunity, or maybe just having the 1s you love around you more than often. To some, manifesting good wellness is the ultimate goal; or perhaps your intuitive expert seeks to watch future bequests turn and prosper. Each definition of increasing wealthiness is determined by lone what your mind's oculus can conceive of and how far you're willing to let your intuitive expert to steer you.

Tenacity is the key, however, if we take to recognize our ends and aspirations. As an intuitive expert, we larn how success is achieved through meditation, forbearance and perseverance. Ever observant of the human race around us, we get to see even the least of miracles as the greater portion of the whole - even droplets of H2O go glistening pieces of vitality. And with each twenty-four hours that we take the clip to listen to our Godhead intuitive expert, we addition powerful wisdom into attaining wealthiness prosperity.

Have you ever watched a kid at play? As an intuitive expert, you can clearly visualise this scene. Stopping Point your eyes and ticker this yearling running through a field of daisies. The sun is shining...the sky is blue. Can you experience the heat radiating on your body? Now, as you see this kid hopping to and fro, what is he doing? Are he sniffing the flowers? Peal in the grass? Ah...he is exploring an infinite human race of possibilities. His wealthiness is in all that he touchings and experiences. You see, just like the kid at play, our Godhead intuitive expert is always unfastened to a human race of eternal possibilities. It never halts exploring the dynamical significances and truths of our lives. It simply is. And when we concentrate on wellness and wealthiness prosperity, we go Negro spiritual perceivers to our environments...much like the child. It is our intuitive expert that open ups our psyche to the infinite potentiality that bes all around us. If we see things from a child-like perspective, we actually derive more than penetration than we could ever imagine.

Next, we must concentrate on commitment. Too confusing, you say? How can we be committed and have got a child-like perception? Listen to your intuitive expert. That's how. Remember the quote, "A substance of success is often not a substance of endowment but a substance of tenacity?" That's what your Godhead intuitive expert licenses you to accomplish. It doesn't take a batch of education, but it makes take finding and belief in making the impossible - possible. Manifesting wellness and wealthiness prosperity is just a breath away from the world we perceive. Your intuitive expert enables you to be bulldog about manifesting your hopes, dreamings and desires; and assists you to determine your ultimate destiny. For what more than are you waiting? Become the individual you desire to only takes a small religion and patience.

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Create Healthy and Affluent Lives with Intuition and Determination

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Simon Says - A Great Leadership Tool

Have ever establish yourself thinking or verbalizing the following? 'My staff just won't make what I state them to do". Interesting.

As a concern manager I've heard this defeat voiced many times. My inquiry is often the same - "How are you playing the game of St Simon Says?" What I intend by this is how are the leadership in the concern life by and strengthening the civilization of the concern by walking the walk. I spoke to a concern proprietor last week. He commented on the fact that two of his employees often seemed quite dismissive of clients at times. I asked him why this would be and where in the concern was shown the manner in which clients were to be spoken to and treated. In improver I asked him how the direction squad Pb the undertaking of client relations. The company was a manufacturing company. The concern proprietor commented that their was no client dealings program, that the direction didn't often cover human confront to face with clients, so he didn't cognize how they interacted with them and that there was no 'system' to back up how employees built dealings with clients.

Like children looking to their parents for the values held in a family, or linguistic communication to be adopted in the home, squad members ( staff ) often have got similar needs. This is to no manner propose employees are children. Merely to propose that they too necessitate way on how the 'game' of the concern is played. As a leader and owner, how make you play the game of St Simon Says in your business? What degree of ownership have got got you committed to showing in your concern ? What communicating systems have you implemented and go on to practice? How make you admit those around you who experience either successes or challenges? How empowering is the linguistic communication YOU take to follow in your business?

The say the fish malodors from the caput down. And there is an proverb in concern that also says...all the good things in a concern and all the things NOT going so well are a direct contemplation of the concern owner! As a concern proprietor your purchase is created by leading and displaying to your squad how the game is played. You are the St St Simon in the game of Simon Says.

Please - construct the systems that support your business. Show your squad how you desire procedures completed, people spoken to, business relationships delivered, orders filled out. Raise your weaponry and the squad will raise their arms. Put your custody on your caput and the squad will set their custody on their heads. Similarly be, make our squad and state and your squad are far more than likely to follow your lead. Your lead.

Best the Best In Business

Friday, October 5, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness

Can we really obtain happiness? Or are we like racing greyhounds, chasing an unreal enticement around a path only to traverse the coating line empty handed. Pursuit is an enactment of striving for something...the attempt made to seek to accomplish or obtain something over a clip period of time. So what are we striving for? What is happiness? Happiness is an emotion caused or characterized by pleasure, contentment, or joy.

Well...if felicity is identified by pleasance and contentment...then I've caught felicity a clip or two; just to see it get away through the clefts of my hands. As we all know, pleasance come ups in many forms. Many of which fulfills for lone short clip periods at a time. Are pleasance and contentment directly proportional? During our pleasure, whether it's eating a dual cocoa ice-cream sundae or losing 10 pounds, we're only contented as long as the pleasance lasts. But as soon as we addition our 10 lbs back from eating too many cocoa sundaes, our contentment flees. How direct tin you get. Now...there's only one word form of joy, by definition, that we necessitate to explore. JOY. Umm? Now joyousness is a much different word form of happiness. Or is it felicity at all, and why is it so different? In my experience I have got faced many word forms of felicity by pleasance or contentment. But there's lone one word form of joyousness that I've experienced...and it's completely unexplainable.


According to science, matter is the only explainable substance. But when it come ups to things of the head and soul--which can't be classified as matter--they just can't be rationalized. But...through my experience...I can. Joy is Negro spiritual and can be defined by an overpowering feeling of gladness. So what pulls the line between joyousness and happiness? Because joyousness is obtainable. It's not being able to pass over the smiling off your face, when you're life's in turmoil. It's being content when you have got got everything and remaining content when you have nothing. Joy is...not putting your hopes in material stuff (things that melt with clip and eaten by moths)...but having hope and realisation that no substance what haps in this life, there's an exceeding life to come. Happiness is a pursuit, but joyousness is a journey.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Remember the Glory Days?

"When I was a child, I used to talk like a child, believe like a child, ground like a child; when I became a man, I did away with infantile things."

--1 Corinthians 13:11 (New American Standard) With David Bruce Springsteen on the charts again, I was reminded of a song of his from respective old age ago called Glory Days. If you're too immature to retrieve it, The Foreman sang about how people he knew sat around home on the past, reliving and constantly rethinking what have long gone and will never be again.

Unfortunately, many Pb lives that maintain them in the same little town (metaphorically speaking) for their full lives. Still re-living the large game, still talking about the "old times," still thinking about the manner it was.

What type of infantile things (in all areas) have got outworn their welcome in your life?

How many people travel on to go to the same Christian church and listen to the same discourse for old age at the hazard of being locked in iron of mediocrity? How many people remain in occupations that have got lost their lustre and plangency long ago out of fearfulness and insecurity? How many stay in relationships, trying to retrieve the "glory days" when there was passion, connexion and love?

Many movies and books have got been written about the "mid-life crisis" when people do extremist alterations in their lives. Grown work force go forth their households and day of the month women one-half their age. Women long past times their premier are seen frequenting parallel bars and political parties that are known to not fulfill in the long run.

Dr. Sherwood Anderson in his book, The Stages of Life, is the first (to my knowledge) who have observed this happening as a good thing... at least, to a point. While the behaviour is not wise, this external hunt is driven by an interior Negro spiritual desire to germinate and grow... A scene aside of the dying and a breakage through into a new realm.

Unfortunately, a tax return to the past behaviour of glorification old age and little years is not able to satisfy.

In most cases, the impermanent thrills of chasing adolescents and other juvenile behaviour is short-lived. The wise person recognizes that it all was the result of an interior yearning for something more and of greater significance.

The pupil lives life in the Now... not hanging onto the past and not yearning for the future. When asked the question, "Where are you, and what clip is it?" there is only one answer: "Here and Now."

Everything but the Here and Now is a mental build and an semblance that robs your life of cherished energy.

The sad person that lives, believes and negotiation consistently about the past is looking to affirm their sense of identity. The job is that this personal identity is based upon a long history and reading of past experiences and life situations. You are more than than that.

Don Juan told Castaneda, "The individual of Power is the individual who have no personal history." "But James," you may ask. "Doesn't the past imprint upon us and do us who we are?" My reply is both yes and no.

There is much to be learned and gleaned from the past, and yet to the grade we cannot release it and unrecorded in the Now, we are in chains. Our very personal identity is locked in the clasp of the dead and gone. Let the dead bury the dead.

Conversely, the individual who is constantly thinking about the hereafter is living in never-ending anticipation.

I once coached a immature adult male who put his ticker to audibly advise him every 15 proceedings so that he could hesitate and visualise his future. When he proudly informed me of his new practice, he was surprised to happen that I was severely unimpressed.

Constantly thinking of the hereafter is a scheme of the egotism based upon a deep dissatisfaction with what is. While I'm a strong advocator of visualization, constantly visualizing the hereafter will often make more than injury than good.

I doubt very seriously if Bill Bill Gates visualizes becoming a billionaire or have billionaire avowals taped to his mirror. Bill just is. Erstwhile you acquire there, you don't necessitate the map...

What was once profound have go a infantile deterrent to let go of and set away.

What of goals? Setting a end and working towards it is positive. You're unclutter on where you desire to go. The cardinal is to honour and give full attending to the measure you are taking right now in this present moment. Those who are excessively focused on the hereafter are doing so because they are seeking happiness, fulfilment or a more than complete sense of egotism in the glorification years of the hereafter instead of the past.

The organized faiths of the Occident have got built their full personal identity playing on the ego demand for a perfect Heaven in the future. Unfortunately, this very mentality makes a perfect Hell in the now.

It's not what you make that finds your success but how you make it.

This statement, when fully understood, is so deep in its deductions that it can literally transform and edify your life. The "how" is the internal procedure from which you dwell and move. When your uninterrupted mental duologue is inch the past or future, your life is passing by you at measure speed.

The Journey of Power is a journeying of defining your hereafter clearly... releasing the past while life full-on in the moment! Just say this is as good as it gets? What can you make to more than fully experience and appreciate the beauty of life right now?

To your continued wealthiness and happiness,

James Chester A. Arthur Ray


James Beam International

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