Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Simon Says - A Great Leadership Tool

Have ever establish yourself thinking or verbalizing the following? 'My staff just won't make what I state them to do". Interesting.

As a concern manager I've heard this defeat voiced many times. My inquiry is often the same - "How are you playing the game of St Simon Says?" What I intend by this is how are the leadership in the concern life by and strengthening the civilization of the concern by walking the walk. I spoke to a concern proprietor last week. He commented on the fact that two of his employees often seemed quite dismissive of clients at times. I asked him why this would be and where in the concern was shown the manner in which clients were to be spoken to and treated. In improver I asked him how the direction squad Pb the undertaking of client relations. The company was a manufacturing company. The concern proprietor commented that their was no client dealings program, that the direction didn't often cover human confront to face with clients, so he didn't cognize how they interacted with them and that there was no 'system' to back up how employees built dealings with clients.

Like children looking to their parents for the values held in a family, or linguistic communication to be adopted in the home, squad members ( staff ) often have got similar needs. This is to no manner propose employees are children. Merely to propose that they too necessitate way on how the 'game' of the concern is played. As a leader and owner, how make you play the game of St Simon Says in your business? What degree of ownership have got got you committed to showing in your concern ? What communicating systems have you implemented and go on to practice? How make you admit those around you who experience either successes or challenges? How empowering is the linguistic communication YOU take to follow in your business?

The say the fish malodors from the caput down. And there is an proverb in concern that also says...all the good things in a concern and all the things NOT going so well are a direct contemplation of the concern owner! As a concern proprietor your purchase is created by leading and displaying to your squad how the game is played. You are the St St Simon in the game of Simon Says.

Please - construct the systems that support your business. Show your squad how you desire procedures completed, people spoken to, business relationships delivered, orders filled out. Raise your weaponry and the squad will raise their arms. Put your custody on your caput and the squad will set their custody on their heads. Similarly be, make our squad and state and your squad are far more than likely to follow your lead. Your lead.

Best the Best In Business

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