Friday, October 5, 2007

Pursuit of Happiness

Can we really obtain happiness? Or are we like racing greyhounds, chasing an unreal enticement around a path only to traverse the coating line empty handed. Pursuit is an enactment of striving for something...the attempt made to seek to accomplish or obtain something over a clip period of time. So what are we striving for? What is happiness? Happiness is an emotion caused or characterized by pleasure, contentment, or joy.

Well...if felicity is identified by pleasance and contentment...then I've caught felicity a clip or two; just to see it get away through the clefts of my hands. As we all know, pleasance come ups in many forms. Many of which fulfills for lone short clip periods at a time. Are pleasance and contentment directly proportional? During our pleasure, whether it's eating a dual cocoa ice-cream sundae or losing 10 pounds, we're only contented as long as the pleasance lasts. But as soon as we addition our 10 lbs back from eating too many cocoa sundaes, our contentment flees. How direct tin you get. Now...there's only one word form of joy, by definition, that we necessitate to explore. JOY. Umm? Now joyousness is a much different word form of happiness. Or is it felicity at all, and why is it so different? In my experience I have got faced many word forms of felicity by pleasance or contentment. But there's lone one word form of joyousness that I've experienced...and it's completely unexplainable.


According to science, matter is the only explainable substance. But when it come ups to things of the head and soul--which can't be classified as matter--they just can't be rationalized. But...through my experience...I can. Joy is Negro spiritual and can be defined by an overpowering feeling of gladness. So what pulls the line between joyousness and happiness? Because joyousness is obtainable. It's not being able to pass over the smiling off your face, when you're life's in turmoil. It's being content when you have got got everything and remaining content when you have nothing. Joy is...not putting your hopes in material stuff (things that melt with clip and eaten by moths)...but having hope and realisation that no substance what haps in this life, there's an exceeding life to come. Happiness is a pursuit, but joyousness is a journey.

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