Friday, December 21, 2007

Set Yourself Up for Success

In any venture we undertake, there is always the possibility of failure. This is the nature of the beast, if there wasn't a hazard it wouldn't be deserving doing. Making no-risk picks rarely consequences in permanent success.

So how make we avoid failure? Regardless of what we are doing, there are respective common pitfalls we must be carful to avoid. If you have got got the right mental attitude about these obstacles, you can put yourself up to win and win BIG.

Rejection and Criticism

Who wishes to hear no? Who wishes to have their decisions, product, writing, etc. criticized? I can't fault you for wanting to avoid it. But the truth of the substance is that you will never avoid rejection and unfavorable judgment so you necessitate to larn how to manage it.

Basically, you have got two choices. You can allow it acquire to you and back off what you are doing. But if you really believed in what you were doing that just do you a sell out. To be successful, you necessitate to perpetrate to what you are doing and maintain chugging ahead. William Swanson, the chief executive officer of Raytheon, states that if you are not criticized you may not be doing much.

Your other pick is to handle rejection as a success. This is classic Uncle Tom Mark Hopkins training. His doctrine is that you make not acquire too attached to individual consequences and instead concentrate on the overall results. There is no such as thing as success or failure...only results. Both are valid, neither is better than the other and both convey you closer to your goals. That may be difficult to get down at first (every salesman prefers to do a committee over not getting paid), but the logic is that every rejection conveys you closer to the stopping points (sales is a Numbers game, you just have got to accept a certain per centum of rejection). Additionally, you larn more than from the rejection. Every rejection you hear lets you to better your presentation and defeat future objections.


In my programs, I emphasize finding a wise man and being coachable. The easiest way to success is to theoretical account person successful. Bash what they did, believe like they do, and avoid the errors they made. In athletics terminology, I am talking about running the drama the manager calls.

Negativity from Spouse/Family

This is related to rejection and criticism, but it is always more than barbed when it come ups from the people you love. To defeat this, you necessitate to understand the motive behind it. You household doesn't desire you to acquire hurt, pure and simple. But in order to be 100% certain you will avoid getting hurt, you have got to take zero risks. You can't win. Understand the motivation, and you can travel forward. They'll all be there for you when you succeed, and they'll have got absolutely no remembrance of their ain opposition.

Work Ethic

I state it over and over and over, and Iodine intend it more than each and every time. Winning isn't easy. You have got got to work hard, and you will have to work through thin modern times when nil looks to travel right. This volition necessitate a work ethic. You necessitate to set in the work, to make what you necessitate to make to acquire where you desire to go. There are no shortcuts, no permutation for difficult work.


It may look like a batch of dorks acquire ahead, but the world is that they are the exclusion rather than the rule. 99% of the time, it is the individual of good fictional character who acquires ahead. Being dishonest and cheating people is going to catch up with you.

Success is not built on your own. It necessitates you to work with people on some level. You cannot acquire away with being a dork long term if you desire to win. Fictional Character counts.


Even smart, talented, honorable and industrious people fail. Usually, it is because they failed to put goals. If you make not cognize where you desire to go, you can't possibly acquire there.

Goals are powerful things. They let you to measure your actions in the visible light of "does this aid me acquire where I desire to go?" If you make not have got goals, you cannot inquire that inquiry and your attempts will be scattered. You may have got a certain grade of success, but it you are selling yourself short. Having a end and consistently working toward it also signs other people what you desire to do. The lucidity of way intends they be given to assist you. If you don't have got ends you are working towards, you will naturally fall in line with those who do. Better to work towards your ain success.

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