Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to Avoid Hitting the Glass Ceiling

At the start of our calling the huge bulk of our focusing is on going the accomplishments and increasing our knowledge. For example, we take preparations to larn how to utilize Microsoft Excel or take concern qualifications. The accomplishments and cognition are indispensable foundations in your career. Yet in truth, what finds whether you maintain climbing the calling ladder or hit a glass ceiling (a point where you cannot move any further) is not your technical ability but your personal competences or softer skills.

Success in your calling depends on a scope of factors including:

Self Awareness

The starting point is to cognize your self. Those that have got got successful callings have high grades of ego awareness. They cognize where there strengths are and they also cognize their limitations. They are aware of their behaviors and their impact on others.

Self Confidence

You necessitate to believe in yourself and have got a strong sense of ego worth. It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that those that have got got ego assurance are arrogant, large headed and have no fear. Self assurance is about believing in yourself and recognising the part that you can make.

Self Control

We all acquire rattled from clip to time. We are human. Those with strong personal competence larn how to pull off those emotions and maintain them in check. This is not to state they acquire it right all of the clip but that they believe before they act.


Standards of behavior in the concern human race have got never been under as much examination as they are now. High profile lawsuits like Enron and the recent incident at a major Gallic depository financial institution show just how detrimental inappropriate behaviour. Having unity is indispensable if you are to derive a repute as person who can be trusted.


Most people work hard. Employers anticipate nil less these days. Conscientiousness is more than than working difficult it is about taking duty for your ain personal performance.


Change in concern and in life is inevitable and if you desire to accomplish success, you necessitate to be adaptable and flexible to change when it arises. In many ways you necessitate to be the individual who inquires how can we do it go on rather than focusing on the equity or otherwise of the situation.

Achievement driven

A thrust for accomplishment is about being on the expression out for better ways of doing things that convey existent benefits. It is not just about getting through a large listing of tasks.


Some of us wait for things to go on while others enactment on opportunities. Look for ways of taking enterprise and demonstrating consequences if you desire to acquire ahead in your career.

While accomplishments and cognition are indispensable foundations in your career, these alone volition not be what finds whether you hit a glass ceiling or go on to prosper. So start looking for ways to develop your personal competences so that you can do the pick on how far you advancement in your career.

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