Monday, February 18, 2008

Self Imposed Limitations Anyone?

What is keeping you from success? Rich Person you considered the ego limiting ideas that have got resulted in you placing ego imposed restrictions on your ability to get the hang success?

What are ego limiting thoughts? These are any and all ideas that maintain you from growing forward. In reality, you are limiting your ability to get the hang success because you are telling yourself through your ain ideas that you cannot make this or that.

Self imposed restrictions begin when we are very young. Sometimes, they are given to utilize by other intentionally as well as unintentionally.

Intentional ideas are the 1s like You will be just like so and so?. You get to believe these ideas by others and the effect is that these ego imposed ideas curtail your ability to accomplish your dreamings and goals.

Unintentional ideas are a small more than insidious. For example, my father in trying to place my sister's and mine natural strengths would state others that I was his smart daughter and my sister was his beautiful one. I grew up being uncertain of my ain personal beauty and my sister was uncertain of her intelligence. My father was trying to be the best he could be, but in that procedure created some personal issues that took many old age to overcome.

Whatever the ground for those ego imposed limiting thoughts, the ability to defeat them dwell in your ain brain. Dr. Jessye Norman Vincent Peale said: Change Your Thoughts; Change Your World.

You and you alone have got the ability to project off those ego limiting ideas that curtail you from getting to where you desire to go. What you can make is listen to the record that you are playing in your brain. When it travels off track, back to those ego limiting ideas that make doubt, inactivity and a deficiency of ego confidence, set your ideas back on the positive route to success.

One great tool is the positive avowal statements or what I prefer calling positive belief statements. By reading these statements, you replace the existent ego limiting ideas with ego expanding ones.

As always the pick is yours to travel forward to get the hang success or to remain where you are.

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