Monday, March 17, 2008

7 Success Principles for Business Owners

Many clients, friends, and household have got often described me as one of the hardest workings women they know. I have got frequently been asked, "Karen how make you happen clip for all the things you make in your concern and maintain Supreme Being and household balanced?" This inquiry prompted me to share my 7 concern success rules with you.

Success Principle #1 Carve out clip for Supreme Being and then YOU first thing in the morning

I am up by 5:00 am praying and out the door for my walking by 6:00 am. This consecrates my twenty-four hours and focuses me on God' s precedences for the day.

Success Principle #2 Prioritize your day-to-day activities

Success rule #1 mentioned starting the twenty-four hours with supplication . . . I'm not talking about just any ole' prayer. It's entrepreneurial and strategical prayer. Let me illustrate, to find concern priorities, I make two things. First, I always come in supplication with a pad, pencil, and my calendar. I pray for wisdom, guidance, and God's Godhead will for the activities I should take on for the day. I often mention to this as my "things to make after I pray list." Secondly, I purposely barricade off clip for the things I cognize will convey money into my business. I see too many concern proprietors focusing on things that simply don't impact their pockets. When we waste material clip focusing on activities and personal business that equal a large fat "0", we are not pleasing God, our ranking officer. No 1 serving as a soldier acquires involved in civilian affairs--he desires to delight his ranking officer. These are Timothy's admonishing words (2 Timothy 2:4).

Success Principle #3 Don't allow engineering slow you down

You don't have got to reply the telephone or bank check electronic mail every clip you hear a ring or an inbox chime. We all cognize the general concern regulation . . . tax return telephone phone calls within 24 hours. So, how about taking advantage of it? You have got 24 hours to go back phone calls and react to emails. Instead of reacting to every minute interruption, block off some clip on your calendar to follow the regulation and then follow through. Here's a gentle reminder: We have got company ID, voicemail, and electronic mail autoresponders; let's utilize them so we can remain focused on the chief thing.

Success Principle #4 Undertake the large fish first

Most concern proprietors either retarding force out the large undertakings or procrastinate in starting them. I hear Ralph Marston's words ringing true here. "The surest manner to do a undertaking more hard is to set it off until later. The cost of anything goes on to lift the longer you take to pay for it." Adopt success rule #4 and complete the big-ticket items while they are still easily manageable.

Success Principle #5 Act like you are in the promise land

Being a Christian concern leader is a privilege, a blessing, and the fulfilment of God's promise to you; therefore, your actions should reflect all of the above. Let me expound. When you were in Arab Republic Of Egypt (going to work for person else in a worldly system) you complained about that. Sound familiar? It's exactly what the children of State Of Israel did. When Supreme Being ushered them into the promise land, they complained about the "creature comforts" of Egypt. Stop cachexia cherished inventiveness and clip complaining about the ups and down feathers of business. You are in the Promise Land now; seek out the milk and honey and be obedient, faithful, and grateful. I cognize you'll have got more than energy to put in a successful concern by ditching the draining-complaining habit.

Success Principle #6 Outsource the personals

If you can afford it, I wisely propose you engage a house cleaning, grocery, and errand service. If you can't afford it, you can carry up on your grocery stores for a calendar month and mass meeting household and others in your support system to make clean and tally errands. This volition aid you remain focused while working at home. You have got to put bounds in order to work at home. I italicized the words work at place for emphasis. Emphasis announcement: You are working . . . not cleaning house, grocery store shopping, and running errands. If you were working a "real job," you couldn't run errands every day, and you certainly couldn't go forth each twenty-four hours for drawn-out clip periods of time to make clean your house. Hint, intimation . . . you can't make it in your concern for any clip period of time and go on to undergo success either.

Success Principle #7 Dream large yes, but don't bury to put HUGE goals

As I manager visionaries, I detect they have got no job with dreaming big. Where I happen they come up up short is in setting mammoth ends to convey them into what they envision. If you watch me, you'll detect I take monolithic action. I have got a clear, colossal vision (Habaukkk 2:2) and must take enormous action in order to see it come up to pass.

You didn't necessitate me to share these strategies. Most likely you are already aware of them. I have got establish what offprints the highly successful from the poor is not that they know the 7 schemes in this article, but they consistently make them. Successful people make the things most won't make to be and have got got what most won't be and have. Which are you?

Summing it up, as a little concern owner, your dreaming of creating a better hereafter for you and your household is paramount. Renew your head by telling yourself, "going back to work in Arab Republic Of Egypt isn't an option for me."

Here's a re-programming exercising I utilize to assist me remain in the concern of succeeding: Visualize some of your worst years on the job, experience how it felt to be at the clemency of others, recollection the corporate political relation and the incompetent bosses.

This exercising assists me set things in proper position quickly. I retrieve what made me travel into concern for myself, and this is enough motive to maintain me on the right thought way to prosperity.

It is an undeniable fact that concern ownership is tough. Bend to the experts to acquire the support you need. You can happen expertness by reading books, e-zines, articles, courses, videos, and seminars.


Karen M. Pina

GOD's Coach

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