Friday, December 12, 2008

Seven Secrets to Creating the Life You Love

1. Decide what you desire in life.
What is your intent here? What stirs your passions? What is it that Burns so deeply within you that no obstruction can stand up in the manner of your achieving that dream? Choose your dreaming life.

2. What makes it look like?
Become the individual you necessitate to be to dwell the life of your dreams. See your life in detail. What are you doing each day? Where make you live? With whom make you pass your time? Taste it. Feel it. See it. Hear it. Touch it. What make you think? What make you do? What sort of individual lives that life? Describe the individual you are in that world.

3. Act as if ...
Act like you already are that person. Think those thoughts. Talk those words. Bash the activity. Feel the passionateness in the place of your psyche pouring forth from every pore of your being. Travel forward every twenty-four hours creating new ideas that support your new life. Listen ONLY to the ideas that support you. YOU take what to think.

4. Focus on your dream.
Many thoughts may flux into your originative mind. Choose the notions that reenforce your dreams. Let the others go. What you concentrate on turns and spreads out to fill up your world. Drive your energies to one dream.

5. Be consistent.
Take an action that moves you forward every day. It may be a simple little step. It may be a immense leap. What counts is doing something every twenty-four hours that takes you closer to your new reality.

6. Be persistent.
You have got everything you necessitate within for your success. You will only neglect if you give up. The way will meander and may acquire rough. Stick with it no substance where you go. There are no detours, only necessary stairway that leave of absence you fully equipped to attain your goal.

7. Be patient.

This is your life. There is no fast forward. Live it twenty-four hours by day. Success takes time. Observe your victories every day. Write them down and read them before going to kip each night. Be proud of yourself. After all, you are the very best you there is.

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