Monday, January 5, 2009

The Power of Benevolence

Let me get with a story. King Wu, the laminitis of the Zhou Dynasty dynasty (1122-220BC) have just defeated Zhou Hsin, the last Emperor of the Shang Dynasty dynasty(1700-1112BC) with the aid of his strategian Jiang Ziya (Taigong Wang). One day, King Wu Dialect was at the countryside with his following when they passed by the rice fields.

Strategist Jiang Ziya then asked the King to follow the mediocre provincial by ploughing the field for the mediocre man! 'What? How can you inquire the King to Big Dipper the field for such as a humble man?' exclaimed all the generals. However, the King remained unagitated and respecting the wisdom of his darling strategist, came down and set his custody to the plough. All the King 's following yelled and protested as the King, splattered with mud, panted through his task. The King was tired but he struggled on despite the fulls general urging him to stop.

After some time, the King was too tired to continue. Strategist Jiang asked the King, 'Your Highness, how many stairway have got you taken?' King Wu Dialect took a expression and said,' Nine hundred stairway in all.' Strategist Jiang then prophesied that the Zhou Dynasty dynasty would endure as many old age as the figure of stairway King Wu Dialect have taken. Susprised and alarmed, the King wanted to go back to the field and Big Dipper additional so that his dynasty could endure longer. But he was stopped by Jiang.' It is destiny, my Highness.'

True enough, the Zhou Dynasty dynasty went on to last over nine hundred years. It was infact 1 of the longer epoch in the dynastic history of China. King Zhou Dynasty and his posterity continued to stay low and handle their people with attention and concern. The Chinese word Shou Hsing which intends length of service actually incoporated the sub-character of 'plough' according to this legend.

We can larn from this story. To be successful, it is not good adequate to have got wisdom and bravery. We necessitate the powerfulness of benevolence for the people around us. Only when leadership attention for their people or those below them that they will derive their support. The most powerful tool to endure any crisis is the integrity born out of attention and concern between leadership and followers!

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