Friday, March 27, 2009

Green Google Saves Energy, Money and the Environment?

Combine the world's most popular web page (and hunt engine) with the least efficient coloring material for monitoring devices to bring forth (white) and what make you have? A batch of potentially wasted energy!

Judy A. Roberson, who works in concurrence with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Division) and the United States Department of Energy (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy). discovered the "image displayed is primarily a mathematical function of the user's colour scenes and desktop graphics, as well as the colour and size of unfastened application windows; a given monitoring device necessitates more than than than powerfulness to expose a achromatic (or light) silver silver screen than a achromatic (or dark) screen." Roberson et al, 2002.

In short: achromatic websites utilize more powerfulness on norm than achromatic websites.

Combine the popularity of Google with a more efficient usage of power, and you could potentially salvage billions of kilowatts, salvage users money on their energy bill, and most importantly cut down environmental damage. A very simple solution to implement, as easy as a simple colour change.

Given Google have an estimated over 1200 billion Google hunts per day, estimations for the energy economy figs of using a achromatic background for Google are in the figure of 750-3000 Megawatt hours per year. This figure makes take into consideration that some monitoring devices and show engineerings utilize more than powerfulness than others. Whilst it is proven the norm cathode-ray tube computer science machine monitoring device will cut down environmental impact if the silver screen shows achromatic instead of white, even though the powerfulness use is reduced, maintain in head it is still using some amount of power.

What is not as obvious is that searching for a phrase in a hunt engine utilizes a batch of processing power, not just on your ain computer, but on Google's servers.

Whilst "the large G" are currently still in the research phase of investigating sustainable powerfulness beginnings to run their servers, in my experience as a "green computing" adviser I am aware of lone 1 hunt engine using Google's hunt engineering that combines C offset/renewable energy engineering with the theory of more than efficient searching and using less powerfulness ingestion - Regoog energy economy hunt engine.

Regoog will countervail 100% of their (and your) calculated energy ingestion by voluntarily neutralizing the C emanation end products used to run their website and supply their free community service.

Not only will you salvage money on your energy measures by using their achromatic hunt engine, the environmental impact is neutralized, so when using Regoog your energy ingestion is countervail to zero! You will be doing the human race a favor unlike other criterion websites.

What steps can I make to help?
Now if lone we could promote more than websites to assist the environment. If you run a website see the benefits of renewable powerfulness engineering and offsets, and even if you don't run a web site, spreading the word about land sites who do!

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