Saturday, September 13, 2008

Associated Press Teams Up With Verve Wireless For Mobile News - InformationWeek

The world's oldest and biggest newsgathering organisation have teamed up with Vitality Radio to convey news in a modern way.

The Associated Press will present ad-supported multimedia content to mobile devices.

The mobile news service will be tailored for smartphones and give users 1 point of entree for local, national, and international news, the AP said. It is the first merchandise released by AP's Digital Cooperative, a programme that digitally presents news from the AP's members.

"Verve have enabled AP to travel quickly to assist AP's members gaining control the immature and technical school understanding smart telephone user market," manager of planetary merchandise development Jeffrey Litvack said.

AP's new Mobile River News Network will have local news from the newspapers and mass media mercantile establishments that clasp AP membership, as well as original national and international news from the wire service's ain staff. It will also offer sports, entertainment, and concern news.

AP members will gain gross through local and national advertisers.

The Associated Press is a news cooperative, which bear downs members for subscriptions to its wire services. It was established in 1846.

have a patent-pending publishing and ad-trafficking platform for mobile telephones and other network-enabled devices. The company supplies newspapers, magazines, radio, and telecasting stations with mobile publication and advertisement systems. Its chief executive officer have owned or managed more than than 50 newspapers.

"Using Verve's mobile publication technology, the AP will passage 162 old age of know-how and advancement onto the newest medium of the mobile Web," Vitality Radio chief executive officer Art Julia Ward Howe said in a news announcement. "This new venture gives AP members a compelling tool to turn readership and offering new selling chances to local advertisers."

The service will be available future this quarter.

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