Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keep Marching!

The Gunnery Sergeant assigned to my social class during Military Officer Campaigner School (OCS) was big, average and made Lou Gossett Jr. (from an "Officer and a Gentleman") expression like a pool cat.  Seemingly, he loved the heat; he loved to see us sweat; and he especially loved to have got got us march.  Our only constitute of transportation system was marching - which made the place we wore were extremely of import to the overall well-being of our bodies.  Once broken in and properly polished, a "good brace of shoes" was priceless. 

My place became my best companion:  comfortable, functional, and almost familiar with my footfalls - padding the pressure levels my whole organic structure endured as I "right flanked" here or "obliqued" there (marching moves).  Unfortunately, owed to the heavy have on and tough conditions, my place would have on out quickly which meant getting a new brace and repeating the sometimes painful procedure of polishing, breakage them in, and adapting to their fit.

As leaders, we all have that one squad member that is like a quality brace of shoes.  We obtain them, gloss them, interruption them in, and usage them for all occasions - legal proceeding to crunch them down until there is nil left.  When we're done, we acquire a new brace and start the procedure all over again.  Sure, we retrieve the last brace fondly and hatred breakage in new ones, but make understand it's necessary if we are going to maintain marching.  If you desire even wear, extended "shoe" life, and the ability to "double time" to your adjacent finish without the blisters, discomfort, and clip associated with breaking in a new pair, you necessitate to be attentive to some shoe facts.

Fact #1: Rotating your place widens their life.  Return the clip to convey multiple squad members in on projects, interruption them in, gloss them and spread out your circle of influence by evenly distributing workload between all.  Yes, some place tantrum great and it looks effortless to process in them but the others would be equally comfy if we wore them more than often.

Fact #2Your position can impact wear.   How we process impacts how evenly our place will wear.  Excavation our heals, leaning too much to one side, too much to the front, or pounding the paving too difficult takes it's toll on the "souls" of our squad members and also their usefulness.  Standing straight, marching forward, and stepping consistently even maintains their "souls" in tact.

Fact #3: Shoe "Fit" impacts everything.   Use the right place for the right occasion.  Sure, you can run in armed combat boots but you're not going to acquire there very quickly.  There are place that are made for every occasion. The same uses for squad members.   Not that they can't work in another capacity (it's good to seek it out) but the full organic structure can be affected by an drawn-out bad "fit."

Fact #4Overall attention substances more than than anything.  Keeping your topographic point polished, not abusing them, and protecting them from the elements guarantees continued productiveness and widens their life.  Dainty them well and you will bask their mathematical function and comfortableness for a very long time.

In the end, we are all marching somewhere.  It can be at a dual clip or slow pace.  The way can be to the left, to the right or "mark time" (in place).  It may be of our ain agreement or we may have got got a big, mean, Gunnery Sergeant pushing us to our limits.  Regardless, how well we choose, attention for, and March in our place impacts more than just where we are going - it impacts the whole body.  Being attentive to these 4 facts will have your squad continually looking sharp, wearing evenly, and enjoying a long, productive work life (and, yes, will also maintain the "Gunny" off your back).  support MARCHING!

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